Saturday, September 21, 2024


supporting CupcakKe with Queen Key + DJ Silkee + A$AVV + DJ Rollie

Presented in partnership with Hip Hop Innovation Center

Doors 7:00 pm | Show 8:00 pm | 18+

Mousepad the Band is a Midwest Pop Grunge band from Champaign, IL. By combining elements of Rap/Hip Hop, Indie Pop, and Grunge, the group effortlessly melds the catchy hooks and polished melodies of pop with the gritty, unfiltered intensity of Grunge Rap similar to UK Grunge and bands like Rage against the Machine. A majority of the music stems from Mousepad himself, who has released 3 projects now, all produced, mixed, and mastered by himself. Their performances are a rollercoaster of emotion, combining head-banging anthems, rapping over live instruments, and moments of slow melodic introspection.