Q: Where and when is PYGMALION?

A: This year’s PYGMALION is exists entirely in the virtual space. COVID-19 and the science surrounding it has proven that gathering in large groups is not safe at this time. When we are all able to safely gather again, we will return programming to physical spaces in Urbana-Champaign, Illinois like we used to. At least, most of it. Or some of it. We don’t really know what happens next. 

Q: How much does it cost to watch all of this programming?  

A: It costs zero dollars, which is to say, we are not trying to sell tickets to something like this, at this moment. We are instead trying to raise money for organizations that need funding to continue their great work. We are fortunate, in a community like ours, with the history we carry, to be blessed with enough sponsorship money to be able to afford to pay our guests to appear, and offer it to an audience for no charge. Officially, the whole world is invited. Tell friends. Thank you. 

Q: How do I watch all of this programming that I donated some money to see? 

A: Simply go to the SCHEDULE page, and click around. Inside of each page, there will be a link for you to Zoom in, or watch on Facebook, or gaze upon YouTube, or whatever platform we are using for that particular event. If you are having trouble connecting, please feel free to email us about it: info@thepygmalionfestival.com. We will do our very best to help you solve your issue, but please have some patience with us. We are new to this sort of thing. 

Q: How did you choose the programming for this year’s event?  

A: We asked our friends at agencies, our friends from the past, our friends in the present, and everyone else we could think of, to help us create a new identity for what a “festival” like ours could be. Here is the end result. We believe we’ve done a good job trying to represent as many voices and people as we were able. Please see our ABOUT page to learn more about that. 

Q: I like this programming, and I would like to write about it. What access can I get?  

A: Please do let people know about what we are doing, that would be great. Even if you want to tear it to shreds, we’re good with that too. Just build a cogent argument, and ask for a discussion, perhaps? Thank you. To get in touch in that regard, please speak with Lisa Gottheil of Grandstand PR. She will point you in the right direction. 

Q: Oh, you are on Facebook, and Twitter, and Instagram?

A: Yes, we are. Engage and interact with us here, here, and here. You know the drill.

Q: You haven’t answered my question.

A: Totally apologize about that. These FAQ things are kind of the worst. Tell you what — if you email us here: info@thepygmalionfestival.com — we will get back with you ASAP and give you the answer to any question you might have. Literally. Any question. Try us.

Q: To whom should I address my inquiry?

A: If you email us, you will get Seth and Patrick. We are pretty much constantly on the job. It’s an addiction. We are no longer speaking in the third person. We are here. We exist in the world.