Saturday, September 21, 2024

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Doors 6:00 pm | Show 7:00 pm | 18+

“Arthur has an undeniable ability to fervently and perceptively convey emotion; the depth of conviction and imagery contained in his lyrics seems a hallmark of his work” – PopMatters

“[on “Like Revenge”] Amid bleak melodies and sawed-off songs lies calculated yet passionate songcraft that sounds totally timeless.” – AV Club Chicago

* For That Which Now Lies Fallow, Che Arthur’s fourth solo album – his first since 2010’s Like Revenge – is a return to form for the Pink Avalanche guitarist/singer/main songwriter after releasing electronic projects as Professor Downfall and Ha Subliminal.

  • *  Likely to interest fans of Husker Du, Unwound, Dinosaur Jr and Jawbox, Fallow sees Arthur return to the cathartic, darkly melodic post-hardcore territory of his work in Pink Avalanche, his previous solo albums and the regarded early 2000s Chicago quartet Atombombpocketknife.
  • *  Arthur is a touring sound engineer by trade who has toured with Silversun Pickups, Bob Mould, Battles, Minus The Bear, Manchester Orchestra and many more
  • *  After tracking drums at Altered States Studio with the assistance of Brian Fox and Matt Russell, Arthur engineered the rest of the album himself at home and mixed it there
    “For That Which Now Lies Fallow”, Arthur’s fourth album under his own name, is admittedly a dark journey. In the 10 songs, Arthur deals with a host of his own internal struggles – in recent years he’s dealt with cancer, aging, feelings of isolation and heartbreak, among other challenges. In his own words, “The guitar and my voice are the most direct means I have to deal with those demons. So when I say i made this record in an attempt to stay alive, I am not exaggerating.” Yet in songs like “The Sliver,” which specifically points to a “sliver of hope,” it’s clear that Arthur hasn’t given up – that he’s still in the fight and still clinging to whatever paths to the light he can find.The first single from the album, ”No Harbor,” is Arthur’s stark reflection upon the uneasy feelings of not belonging that can particularly accompany aging as a musician within a culture that celebrates youth and newness.According to Arthur, “I’ve learned that one of the few things i can do to help keep myself above water mentally is to leave my house and play my songs in front of people. That’s the reason I wrote this album – so that i could get some of those thoughts and feelings out of myself and use the tools i have, which are the guitar and my voice, to communicate them to people.”