VENUE: GALLERY ART BAR: 119 W. Main St, Urbana, IL 61801

Lollygagger is a heavy speed-metal-stoner-punk Chicago power trio defined by whip-smart lyrics and riffs as fast and technical as they are accessible.  Lollygagger’s sound is described as “a brown miasma of bass forward face-melting speed metal”.

It’s tough to find any bands in Chicago that can play harder or faster without losing themselves to slop and slush, but Lollygagger’s precision and energy leave them standing far and wide from the rest of Chicago’s metal scene, even without Matt Muffin’s lyrical content that gives their war-machine of a sound a living, breathing, human soul.

Easy to hear musical influences include bands like Primus, Judas Priest, F.E.A.R, and Metallica, but esteemed music fans might also recognize strange twangs of Post-Punk heavy hitters like Total Control and Uranium Club, or the more intense technical metal stylings of bands like Skeletonwitch, Decapitated, or Meshugga.  The end result is what every good rock band dreams of: a way to re-invent the classic appeal of rock music without drawing to heavily from the past or veering to far off into “experimental” (A.K.A. “Insufferable”) territory.