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Rose Marshack is a Professor in the School of Music and Director of the Program in Creative Technologies at Illinois State University. She teaches Computer Programming for Creatives and Music Business at ISU, but has created and taught many other courses with topics as varied as virtual and augmented reality, psychogeography, sustainability and hacktivism. Rose loves teaching code “as another language” and enjoys incorporating collaboration, mindfulness, and movement into her classes. Before coming to ISU, Rose programmed and curated VR projects dealing with landscape architecture, urban planning, and the fine arts at UIUC. She holds two BS degrees (CS/Math and CS / Engineering) and a Masters of Fine Arts in Narrative Media from UIUC.

Rose and her partner Rick Valentin founded the bands Poster Children and Salaryman which have released 12 albums of original music on various indie and major labels. Rose and Rick are known as pioneers in communication with digital media and created the first Enhanced-CDs (on Sire/Reprise), wrote some of the first blogs (Rose’s tour reports, 1995) and recorded some of the first podcasts (Radiozero, 1998-now). The bands have appeared on MTV, Wired, CNN, and the New York Times, have recorded a Peel Session, and have played over 800 shows including Lollapalooza (when it travelled). Rose has just released her first book titled “Play Like A Man, My Life in Poster Children” on University of Illinois Press.